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Increase Sales While Reducing Returns

June 2, 2011

Providing complete product information on your website helps the consumer have a better sense of the product, which this helps them to feel confident enough to purchase the product, and then happy with it when it arrives in their mailbox, thus decreasing returns.

Online Shopping AttributesWhen posting a product online it is important to put as much information as possible. By adding all the attributes/specs, it helps the consumer better understand the product. While a picture is worth a thousand words, it does not convey all the information necessary. For example, a photograph of a toy does not explain the size, weight, or materials, all of which are critical to a parent’s purchasing decision. A shopper might see a photograph of a lovely stuffed animal, but choose not to purchase it because she isn’t sure it is the right size for her child, how the fabric feels, etc. By providing all the attributes plus a well-written product description that gives the buyer a virtual “feel” for the product, you can help the consumer feel confident enough to hit the “buy now” button.

Fast forward a few days to when the product arrives on the shoppers doormat; if she did not have all the attributes available to her when making her purchase, but made some assumptions about the product and chose to buy it anyways, there is an increased liklihood that she will not be happy with what she receives and will want to return it. However, the shopper who had all the details and made an informed decision is more likely to be pleased with her purchase and keep it.

As it is a large investment in time and money to complete the attributes and write customized product descriptions, it is often faster and less expensive to outsource the project.  A great option that is now available is to choose a company that has highly trained, less expensive international employees at its disposal.

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