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Online Fashion Sales Increasing in China

June 10, 2011

China’s retail sales have increased 17.1 per cent from last year to $209 billion dollars with steady growth forecast in both the luxury and the “every day” market as more regular Chinese consumers have funds to enter the shopping hobby. Online sales alone are expected to grow to $3 billion dollars in the next two years.

The Chinese market can not be ignored and is one of the biggest areas of growth going forward. Many European companies, including Bally and Armani, already targeting this market, US brands including Diane Von Furstenberg are now looking to enter China.

However, most Chinese Internet users use Chinese on the Internet and do not read or write English. With 445 Million internet users, Chinese is second only to English for online language use. Factor in also that the Chinese culture is significantly different and retailers are finding this market requires special handling.

When targeting China it is important to ensure that the web page is not only translated, but that it is sensitive to the local culture. This often means different photos, colors, and a relevant writing style. Companies that invest in Chinese pages sensitive to the culture are much more likely to receive a payoff in terms of market growth.

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