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Accurate Competitor Price, Assortment, and Promotion Tracking

June 13, 2011

Competitor tracking helps you stay focused on your strategy while monitoring your competitors’ price, promo, and assortment strategies. PriceTrac provides you with current and historical data based on the parameters that you set. Ugam Interactive’s PriceTrac is unique from other similar tools in that it guarantees its results.

Comparing products online is difficult as monitoring tools rely on the retailers who post information about their products to provide certain details. If all companies simply listed a product’s sku, it would be easy to set up spiders to go on the specified webpages and grab information from predetermined identifiers, then match the data up automatically from each website. However, most retailers do not provide this information or any other easily comparative information. Often, they change the product name and description and product number to reflect their own marketing and branding image.

Many price comparison companies count on tracking online data automatically to produce accurate comparative results, but fall short.

Ugam overcomes this by using highly trained but low-cost Analysts based in countries with lower overhead. Ugam’s analysts are university trained before starting an intensive training program at Ugam. PriceTrac provides results generated by web data and then refined and explained by analysts.

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