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4 Benefits of Product Attribution

July 12, 2011

In the previous blog, Increase Online Sales with Product Attribution, we introduced the idea of attribution. This posting addresses the four main benefits of increasing product attributes in your online catalog.

1.     Increased Search Engine Results

There are two ways product attribution directs traffic to your website. The first is by achieving a higher SEO ranking. Search engines  such as Google like websites with lots of quality information. Since the Google Panda update it is clear that websites should not be relying on low quality links, but rather on high quality webpages. Discussing the Panda updates, Matt Cutts, of Google, blogged, “Our goal is simple: to give people the most relevant answers to their queries as quickly as possible.” Google loves websites that have lots of good information and ranks them higher. By providing more product details, Google’s spiders recognize that you have a content rich site and they are also able to better categorize your product.

Second, when searchers use long-tailed search terms they are more likely to find you if all the relevant attribute information is posted. Looking for the same item one person might enter blue spike high heeled fashion boots and another Navy 4 inch stiletto boots.  You are more likely to be found if you have included all the attributes (color, style, material, heel style, and heel height). Many of your competitors may sell the same or similar products, but their products will not show up in a long tailed search, or will rank very low if they are not posting the full product attributes.

2.     Onsite Searches

Increased attribution provides more information for internal search results. For example, if you have a shoe category and attributes included are “style” (e.g.: “high heel”) and another attribute quality is “Heel Height”, a customer searching for 4 inch heels on your website will receive more relevant search results, driving them to the products they are looking for. Consumers can be quickly frustrated and move to a different website if they are unable find the products they want.

3.     Drive Sales

Once the shopper arrives at your product webpage, the more information available, the more comfortable they will be making a purchase. Consumers want as complete an understanding of the product as possible. Product attributes allow the shopper to have an increased virtual experience by giving them the information they need to understand the product.

4.     Fewer returns

By giving the visitor lots of product information when they are making a purchase, they are  able to make an informed decision. When they receive the product they are more likely to be pleased with it and less likely to make a return.


Attribution drives online searchers to your website through SEO and matches to long-tailed search engine queries, helps potential buyers find items on your website, and then gives them enough product information to make an informed buying decision.Read our next blog regarding the process of adding product attributes or contact Ugam Interactive.


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