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Process of Adding Product Attributes to Your Website

July 13, 2011

The process of adding product attributes is time-consuming, especially if you have thousands of SKUs. As many products have a relatively short season, it is important to add the attributes as fast as possible so that the maximum benefit can be realized as quickly as possible.

After the product attributes are identified, fulfilled, and posted, the search engine spiders need time to crawl your website so that the products can be found on searches. This is the point where the benefits from the attribute work starts to be realized with increased sales.

The attribution process has many stages and can take a long time if the project is not managed well and if too much manual work is involved. The longer it takes, the less value you will receive from your work during the peak season of the product sales.

Using a third-party contractor such as Ugam Interactive can help save time and money and help drive more sales. Professional Attributionists, such as those employed by Ugam Interactive, have the tools available to them, the training, and the experience to quickly and efficiently complete attribute projects.

See below for a high level outline of the stages in an attribution project:

Read our next blog post for information on which product attributes to add to your website or contact Ugam Interactive today.

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