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Product Attributes to Include

July 14, 2011

There is no single map to find which product attributes to include. Choosing which attributes to include needs to be identified for each category and will vary greatly. For example, books have different attributes than fashion; within fashion, accessories have different attributes than clothing; within accessories, footwear has different attributes than handbags; within footwear, boots have different attributes than sandals.

It is critical to use as many relevant attributes as possible. After the attributes categories are selected, the more details you provide to search engines and to customers, the better your results.

Use attributes that are appropriate for your product category (e.g.: clothing) and for your unique selling features (e.g.: for hard-to-fit people). For fashion you should include things like color, size, material, etc. These attributes are obvious, but important. For example, you might think you don’t need to use the attribute words for color (such as “blue”, “yellow”, “green”) because you are showing the colors in the image. However, without the words, the search engines, and therefore shoppers, can not find your products. After you include the obvious attributes, consider how to be unique and offer improved information to your shoppers by providing attributes such as shoulder width, inseam, arm length, which are especially useful for people who have fitting issues.

The specialists at Ugam Interactive can help you decide which attributes are relevant to your product line. Each added attribute increases your benefit results. You will experience increased SEO as well as more people finding you on a wider variety of long-tailed searches and can provide relevant product information to more people.

Here are some examples of attributes to consider:

Once you have chosen your attributes, you will need to fill them in properly. Read our next blog post for information about this, or contact our specialists at Ugam Interactive.


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