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Filling in Product Attribute Details

July 15, 2011

Our previous blog post discussed which product attributes to add to which product categories. This blog post discusses how to  start the long process of filling in the blanks. This stage can be extremely time intensive if done manually and is effective to use a third-party, such as Ugam Interactive, with automatic technologies to find and fill-in the data.

The first place to start researching product attribute information is with the manufacturer. However, they might not have the exact information nor the details that you have decided is important and you may need to manually find the information to add. In this case it can be effective to manually inspect the item, its packaging, and any labelling on it to get the details you need.

When filling in attributes it is critical to use as many relevant descriptors as possible.  For example, if the product color is “navy blue” be sure to write “navy blue” not just “navy” or “blue”. With full information someone will find the product whether they search on “navy”, “blue”, or “navy blue”. Always remember that the more data provided at this stage, the better the results.

Third Party Option

Attribution can be time intensive and a drain on your natural resources. This is not only costly but also slows down the process of adding products ready for website sales while tying up assets. Finding the right attribution partner can address all of these issues. An expert can quickly define the necessary attributes for you. More importantly, adding and collecting data can be done much faster. Ugam Interactive uses a combination of proprietary web crawling spiders and highly trained analysts to complete attribution for thousands of SKUs in a fraction of the time it would take you in-house.

With short selling seasons, the faster you can upload product information the more benefits you will realize from your investment. The specialists at Ugam Interactive can help you identify attributes, complete the attribute fields, and then upload the data directly to your website or provide it to you ready to  upload, all within your deadline.


Providing complete product attribute information leads to more web visitors and an increase in sales while decreasing product returns. However, completing attribution is resource and time intensive. Outsourcing provides you with quick turnover on thousands of SKUs, with professional results. Contact Ugam Interactive for more information about adding complete attributes to your website.

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