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Website Internationalization

August 18, 2011

American retailers are looking to increase revenues by expanding their scope internationally. Developing an international website is much more than translating a current site. Not only is the audience unique culturally, but the products are usually different. Internationalizing a web catalog involves creating enriched and optimized product content in the right language and with cultural understanding. This includes developing an appropriate taxonomy, writing appropriate headlines and product descriptions, researching all the relevant product attributes and ensuring they are correctly added, editing new product images, and then cataloging all the products appropriately so that they can be found.

Ugam Interactive hires native language speakers to ensure all these items are done correctly and with cultural knowledge. As we increase our internationalization projects, we have just announced the completion of our German website product content capabilities.

“Our offering includes German native speakers, allowing us to provide our customers with cultural, as well as linguistic, expertise,” said Gaelle Carbonneil, who heads up the language division. Ugam Interactive’s German expertise builds on its current French and Spanish services. By investing to develop a strong language service, Ugam Interactive’s cultural expertise allows them to provide their retail and media clients with a full suite of website internationalization. “When businesses expand into international markets, they need to provide relevant products, presented in a culturally relevant manner,” added Carbonneil, “we are able to research the products, gather the attributes, complete the cataloging, and then write the product descriptions in the voice of our clients.”

“Internationalization is a critical component to the success and growth of American retailers and media companies,” said David Schoenfeld, VP of Sales and Marketing, “we can provide our customers with a complete suite of services, not just website translation.” Ugam Interactive is currently working on several German and French projects and plans to continue to grow its language capabilities growth by adding Asian languages in the near future.


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