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Know When Competitors’ Make Content Changes: Another Reason to Monitor Product Content

September 19, 2011

Knowing when your competitors’ make content changes and what those changes are provides you with a significant understanding of where they are heading.

When competitors’ start making notable product content changes to a category, you learn where their strategic focus is. For example, if a competitor suddenly starts providing attribution to a category that previously did not have it, you might assume they want to focus here by adding content. Product content monitoring helps you see a competitor’s normal rate of change compared to current rates so you can see if they are increasing or decreasing their focus.

With ContentTrac you can monitor all changes, or changes within a category, or changes to a specific element such as titles. Instead of looking through a competitors’ website manually and guessing if they are making changes and where they are, now you can know what changes they are making and where. Learn more now…

Tracking Competitors' web content changes


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