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Monitor Competitors’ Up Selling Stragegy

October 6, 2011

Up selling is a simple way to increase sales and profit with little effort and no advertising costs. ContentTrac helps you increase your sales by quickly comparing your cross sell items with those of your identified competitors, on a product by product basis. You can can easily look and see which items they are promoting compared to your website. You can also see if they are offering cross/up sell suggestions where you are not.

ContentTrac can also tell you which of your identified competitors’ are increasing/decreasing their cross sell items by identifying the number of items traditionally mentioned and charting the number of new items on a monthly basis. See when they work on increasing their cross sell items down to a highly refined category level. For example, if you sell shoes, you can look at the overall level of cross sell items at shoes, then go to women’s shoes, then to boots, then to winter boots. However your taxonomy is set up, you can monitor your competitors’ content.

Finally, ContentTrac lets you see the quality of competitors’ up sell offerings. This is a comparison to the competitive average of not only the number of Up Sells, but the quality of the recommended products.

Learn more about how ContentTrac can help you increase your cross/up sales.

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