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Image Editing Outsourcing

November 17, 2011

Intuitively, we understand that without an image, it is almost impossible to sell a product online. Product attributes and descriptions fill in the missing details, but in many cases shoppers will stay on a page or leave after seeing the image. This is particularly the case in the Clothing, Shoes, and Accessories (CSA) categories.

Retailers often receive images from manufacturers, but they are of varying style and quality. Most retailers will photograph the images and  then edit them to their standard look and feel. It is critical that this entire process is managed quickly so that it does not hold up publication of a SKU a website. An effective solution can be outsourcing to India.

Outsourcing provides imaging professionals, usually at a much better price than you can have in-house. It also provides the flexibility to increase and decrease demand for high and low selling seasons. For example, you may need to double or triple volume leading up to Cyber Monday. By using resources in India you can often have experts working on the files overnight and receive them back by the start of the next working day.

The Imaging Team at Ugam Interactive works with many top retailers to perform the following imaging editing services:

  • Image background removal
  • Image cropping
  • Combine various views from multiple images
  • Retouch/adjust product color
  • Add drop shadow and table shadow effects
  • Add borders
  • Remove brands from images
  • Resize images
  • Online Categorization

Read our recent case study, Imaging for Top International Retailer, for more details on managing large imaging projects for Top Retailers.

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