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Populating an Online Library Directory

November 21, 2011

There are three main reasons to create an online library:

  1. To provide information to a group
  2. To generates links
  3. To generate revenue (e.g.: from advertising)

For the second two reasons it is imperative to have a large number of online visitors to your library in order for you to successfully meet your goals. To drive traffic you need a high quality library that is unique in some way. It may be unusual in the type of data it provides, the way it offers data, or by having a larger quantity of quality data than its competitors.

Whatever your purposes and goals, researching and adding all the content can be extremely time-consuming. The following are good steps to follow:

1. Identify and set-up the categories you want to have in your library

2. Identify the materials you want in your library. Examples are:

  • case studies
  • podcasts
  • product specs
  • webcasts
  • white papers
  • news
  • blogs
  • audio files
  • e-Books
  • forums
  • polls
  • presentations
  • manuals
  • product specs
  • Q&A

3. Identify sources to find the materials (e.g.: magazines, universities, etc. )

4. Ensure the item is not already included in the library (no duplicates)

5. Write an abstract and provide general document information (author, title, institute, date of release, etc.)

6. Add all items to the library regularly

7. Continue to increase the library while reviewing past documents for broken links.

To create a small library or resource area this maybe a quick and easy process. To create a large, detailed library this may take thousands of hours, in which case outsourcing is probably the fastest and least expensive approach.

Read how Ugam Interactive recently helped a client set up two large online libraries for IT professionals and business decision-makers.

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