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Best Practices for a Competitor Price Tracking Solution. #3: Know the Initial and Ongoing Change Timelines

December 16, 2011

So far in this series, Best Practices for a Competitor Price Tracking Solution, we have discussed mapping accuracy as well as like and similar product comparisons. This post will discuss timelines.

When considering a competitor price monitoring solution, such as PriceTrac, make sure you understand how long the initial set up will be and what your ongoing timelines for updates will be.

The initial set up may be out of a box or customized. Most solutions take months to properly map the SKUs you provide to the competitors you select. While a long initial set up time might disappoint you, ongoing updates of SKUs is more likely to limit the relevance of the data needed. PriceTrac can have you up and running within weeks, not months and provide accurate mapping on thousands of SKUs within days; other price monitoring solutions require weeks and do not provide the accuracy you need.

Learn more about the PriceTrac Competitor Monitoring Solution, or read the next blog in this series, Flexible Data Collection for Regular and Peak Seasons.


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