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Ensure Like And Similar Product Mapping When Choosing a Competitor Price Tracking Solution

December 16, 2011

In the previous blog, 6 Considerations When Looking for a Competitor Price Monitoring Solution: #1 , I discussed one of the six top things to look for in a Competitor Price Monitoring Solution. The second important thing to consider is like-to-like and like-to-similar product SKU mapping. Most companies can map identical products to some degree, but it may be just as important, or more important to have similar products mapped and compared to yours.

Two reasons you may want similar mapping:

1. You sell a unique product which no one else carries
2. Your competitors are sometimes similar, not identical products

In either case, when shopping for a competitor price monitoring solution, ensure that the mapping system allows you to set up parameters for the similar products that you want mapped and that the accuracy of the mapping can be guaranteed.

PriceTrac provides guaranteed accurate like and similar product SKU monitoring.





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