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12 Steps to Writing Articles for Link Building: Step 1: Know Your Reader

January 3, 2012

Everyone wants to rank high on the Google landing page, but achieving that goal takes a lot of time and staying there is not guaranteed. One of the best ways to rank high over the long-term is to get links back to your website. Doing this through writing articles and posting them on good websites is a great way to build links.

In this first of 12 postings regarding articles for link building, the most basic, but often forgotten, step will be discussed; knowing your reader. Although you are writing for links, you want your articles read and clicked on, which will help them rank higher, and, therefore propel your website higher. Do not make the mistake that you are writing for Google; always remember your target audience.

When writing, take the time to not only understand the demographics of your target audience, but why they would read your article. Then, picture someone you know in that target audience and write the article for them.

Remember: You are not writing for yourself or Google, but for your target audience.

The professional article writers and link builders at Ugam Interactive have helped many top Retailers improve their search rank through unique editorials and keyword anchor back links.  Learn how they can help you write articles for SEO,  read a link building case study, or stay tuned for the posting for Step 2: Identify Your Voice.



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